Massage stone

Winalite STRIGIL massage stone with natural minerals

Winalite offers the massage stone for men and women, which can also be worn as jewelry on the neck.

Using the stone as jewelry or as a massage stone can have a positive effect on the overall condition of the person, both physically and mentally.

Its structure:

The stone consists of rare and valuable minerals such as zirconium, titanium and germanium.

Zirconium – Stone of Dawn. This stone has a positive effect on the thyroid gland. It charges the body with vitality and promotes emotional balance.

Titan – is a hypoallergenic metal used in jewelry and medical devices. It does not react with substances in the environment.

Germanium – is a brittle, silvery-white semi-metal that can have a beneficial effect on the body.

Massage— GUA SHA

Application and effect of the massage stone

Massage of the tissue in the area of the joints with massage oil.

There are 3 main application methods:

  • 1. Slow movement with light pressure.
  • 2. Slow movement with strong pressure.
  • 3. Fast movement with strong pressure.

In direct contact with the body, biochemical processes occur that are very beneficial to our body act as a whole.

Massage effect is immediately visible

The edited area first turns red, then stains appear. These are small internal bruises. This is a completely normal reaction of the body, which eliminates waste substances.

The spots usually disappear after 2-3 days. Such effects occur less frequently with each application.

The massage should take place 1 to 2 times a week once the bruises from the previous application have disappeared.

Positive effects of massage with the massage stone on the human body:

1. spleen | 2. Stomach | 3. Lungs | 4. Heart | 5. Liver | 6. Gall | 7. Small intestine | 8. Colon | 9. Kidney | 10. Bladder

It contributes to:

  • Clean the pores and remove toxins.
  • Activate and improve blood circulation.
  • Oxygen saturation of the cells, resulting in cell rejuvenation.
  • Relieves muscle tension and relieves pain.
  • Increase the lymph gland function of tissues.
  • Improve the skin’s resilience and elasticity.
  • Slow down the aging process.
  • Increase vitality and resistance to infection.

Be careful with:

  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Spine injuries
  • Deterioration of kidney function
  • High blood pressure
  • Platelet Penie
  • Allergic and infectious skin diseases

The product consists from a massage stone.


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