Toothpaste “WelSmile”

WelSmile Anion Mineral Salt Toothpaste (ANION & MINERAL SALT TOOTHPASTE)

Welsmile-02 According to statistics from the World Health Organization, 96% of the world’s population has some form of gum and dental disease. According to dentists, about the same number (nine-tenths) suffer from caries. Largely due to elementary illiteracy in terms of dental hygiene and the use of toothpastes based on limestone, salt and sand.

All toothpastes, depending on their composition, can be divided into hygienic and treatment-and-prophylactic. Hygienic pastes have only a cleansing and refreshing effect. Representatives of therapeutic and prophylactic pastes are fluoride toothpastes.


Using the latest science and technology, Winalite International has combined Paleozoic mineral salts with nanotechnology to develop a unique anion and mineral salt toothpaste.
Paleozoic mineral salts are a product of the crystallization and evolution of sea water over a period of 300 million years. They are mined mainly in Tibet and the adjacent province of Qinghai, China.
Mechanism of action:
When brushing teeth, due to the temperature in the mouth and friction, the toothpaste receives the necessary energy, absorbs water, dissolves and starts generating negative ions.
Anions absorb anaerobic bacteria in the oral cavity, eliminate the conditions for their life and reproduction, effectively remove bacteria from the surface of the tooth enamel and form a protective layer on the surface of the teeth and gums, protecting them from the corrosive effects of bacteria and destruction.
Thus, the formation of caries and plaque is prevented, the gums are healthy, the tissues of teeth and gums are supplied with natural trace elements, the reproduction of beneficial microorganisms in the oral cavity is stimulated, blood circulation in the area improves gums, teeth are cleaned, teeth are strengthened, unpleasant odor in the oral cavity is eliminated.
Anions effectively prevent inflammation and gum disease (periodontitis and gingivitis), diseases of the bone tissue adjacent to the tooth and ligaments that hold the tooth in it (periodontitis), swelling and bleeding of the gums, other diseases in the oral cavity.


1. Supports gum health and protection.
strengthens and whitens teeth.
3. Prevents dental caries.
4. Prevents the formation of bactericidal stains on tooth enamel.
5. Prevents plaque formation.
6. Normalizes the pH value in the mouth.
7. Provides long lasting fresh breath.

Composition: sorbitol, silicon hydroxide (hydrated silicon), water, polyethylene glycol-32, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, Paleozoic mineral salts (the main component is sodium chloride, as well as iodine, potassium, calcium, magnesium , iron), flavors (mint extract, green tea extract), cellulose gum, xanthan gum, sodium saccharin, sodium benzoate, sodium tetrapyrophosphate, vitamin B2, CI42090, CI19140. Does not contain sugar. It has a mint and green tea aroma.
Mineral salts provide comprehensive care and complete oral health:

  • releasing negative ions useful for the human body,
  • provide teeth and gum tissues with natural mineral trace elements,
  • promote the reproduction of beneficial microorganisms in the oral cavity – probiotics,
  • improve blood circulation in the gums
  • Protect gum health to keep teeth clean and strong
  • remove harmful bacteria
  • eliminate bad breath.

Mechanism of action of mineral salts:

  • Abrasive Effect
  • Moisture absorption and dissolution (hygroscopic and dissolving effect)
  • Anion Generation
  • Suppression of harmful bacteria
  • Periodontal disease treatment
  • Oral Health
  • Improvement, strengthening of teeth

Hydrated silica – whitening ingredient , which not only thoroughly removes dirt from the surface of the teeth, but also gently removes yellow plaque without causing any harm to tooth enamel.

Vitamin B2 will effectively eliminate inflammation of the mouth, lips and tongue; stimulates metabolism and maintains healthy gums.

The taste and aroma of fresh mint and green tea creates a long-lasting, cool and pleasant natural purity and freshness of breath in the mouth.

Apply effect:

  • Strengthening and improving teeth
  • Gum health.
  • Oral health.</span >
  • Brightening, whitening teeth.</ span>
  • Prophylaxis against plaque.</span >
  • Ginguinitis (gum inflammation) prevention.
  • Fresh breath, eliminate bad breath mouth.
  • Effective prevention of caries, strengthening of tooth enamel .
  • Prevention of excessive tooth mineralization and dental damage enamels.
  • Mineral salts are used to remove bacteria.
  • Mineral salts supply microelements
Anion Toothpaste “Welsmile” (V-Shine) a great choice for effective, complete oral care!
Net weight: 165 gr.
The products have all the necessary. Products are sold or as a case (one case contains 10 packs of 2 tubes, 20 tubes in total), or by the piece.
The hallmark of human health, among other important factors, of course, is a smile! Healthy beautiful teeth attract the attention of our interlocutors, inspire respect, and help us in communication. We become more confident, our smile is even more dazzling, and we will never forget how we got it!

Our clients have been using anionic toothpaste with the whole family for several months now – the effect is obvious! Start and you – your smiles will be the best results for us!

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