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Did you know that women’s sanitary product is one of the world’s biggest consumer markets in this century?

Did you know that women all over the world spend at least 10 billion pesos on sanitary products alone?

Winalite is a global company that offers equal opportunity to all ages and races. Anyone can become an international consultant and distributor.

Winalite offers a very lucrative compensation plan while working at the confines of your own home. You can determine your own hours and days. You can dictate how much earnings you want to achieve.

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Part 1: Marketing Plan

Part 2: Marketing Plan

For more details and explanation of the compensation plan, click download file below:

Winalite Sales Compensation Planpdf
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wordWinalite Sales Compensation Plan
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Do you know?

Fact or Fiction – Toxic Shock Syndrome: 
Are Tampons dangerous?Facts: Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is found in 1-17 women per 100.000 women who are menstruating. The risk is higher for teenage girls and women under age 30. The only way to avoid TSS from tampon use is to not use them at all.


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