Winalite Energystone

steineThe Winalite Anion Bio Energy Stone is a high energy bio ceramic, mined at 1000 meters below sea level in Korea. Tested by the Korea Far Infrared Association (KFIA/KIFA).

Winalite Anion Bio Energy Stone emits natural energies. It emits more than 92% far infrared of frequency 5-20 microns which work well with the body’s natural frequency of 9.8-10.4 microns. It can thus increase body energy. Tested by the Korea Testing and Research Institute for Chemical Industry.

68.7% Silicone dioxide (SiO2). Normal volcanic rocks only at 53%
SiO2 plays a major role in regulating blood pressure, nerve transmission, treatment of bacterial infection and others
26% Aluminium Oxide (AI203). Normal volcanic rocks only at 16%
AI203 is a good non-reactive conductor for electricity and heat

The Winalite Anion Bio Energy Stone is CLINICALLY PROVEN to promoteblood circulation, supply energy to the blood cells and lower blood viscosity; calms mood, stabilizes the mind and improves concentration. Tested and confirmed by Professor Han, Chung-Su of Chungsuk National University, Korea.

The Winalite Anion Bio Energy Stone has no fewer than 2650 anions (other electrical stone products have only 1500-2500).

The operation of the Winalite Anion Bio Energy Stone is similar to the effects of negative ions in nature, such as mountains, forests, waterfalls, and the sea. In nature people come to rest. The Energy Stone provides a high concentration of more than 2500 negative ionen or anions per cc for a similar effect.

The functions of the Winalite Anion Bio Energy Stone include:

accelerates the blood circulation
relieves pain
improves concentration
relieves fatigue and reduces stress
stabilizes the autonomic nervous system
accelerates metabolism by activating cellular functions

The Winalite Anion Bio Energy Stone is worn on the skin.

The energy of the Energy stone is durable. You can charge the stone by exposure to the sun for a short period. Then the Tourmaline will charge itself with natural energy from the sun for a long time.
The Energy Stone can be kept clean with running water. The stone will last about 6 years.

There are 2 versions:

with your birth number according to numerology
with the Winalite symbol


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