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Anti-radiation stickers for mobile

Mobile phone radiation can damage your health. Many people complain about symptoms like:

  • Headache – tachycardia – high blood pressure – blurred vision – nausea – muscle weakness
  • Tinnitus
  • Tingling and numbness Skin changes up to dermatitis Stomach and circulatory problems Tumors can also develop*…

* Source:

How does mobile phone radiation affect my health?

The type of radiation emitted by mobile phones is electromagnetic radiation.

When we make calls, we hold the cell phone so close to our head that the body absorbs the radiation.

The radiation distribution in the human head

Child 5 years Child 10 years Adult

Child 8 years
Children aged 8 to 16


I love my phone! What can I do?
The easiest way to protect you and your family!

It can:

  • Increase the quality of calls
  • Absorb and filter electromagnetic clutter
  • Reduce electromagnetic interference

Improve call quality and protect your head

Technology pioneer: EMSI CleanTM

Patented radiation absorbing technology increases radiation reduction and absorption.

EMSI CleanTM is designed to: Absorb and reduce radiation< /span>

Designed and patented after extensive research, Wingauard is an ultra-thin, flexible, stylish and easy-to-use sticker that fits over your mobile phone and covers most of the ear speaker.

How does Winguard protect me?

The Winguard sticker protects you in two important ways:

  • It absorbs 93.7% to 99.9% of harmful EMF radiation from cell phones and nearby electronic devices using patented EMS-MAXTM technology
  • Converts harmful radiation into mild heat that is safely released into the air. Winguard absorbs and transforms radiation from all global cellular frequencies ranging from 10 MHz to 8000 MHz.

The technology behind Winguard

Military stealth secrets are behind the Winalite Wingaurd decal’s two patented and trademarked technologies:

  • EMS-MAX TM – a premium, patented radiation absorbing material specifically designed for mobile phones.
  • EMSI Clean TM is a creative, patented technology that greatly reduces call dropouts and improves call quality

EMS refers to electromagnetic sorption. Winalite has improved and adapted EMS technology to produce an advanced state-of-the-art product called WINGUARD for mobile phones. The most important advanced EMS technology from WINGUARD is called EMS-MAX TM. The exact composition and the manufacturing process of EMS-MAX TM are protected by a patent.

No heavy metals or radioactive substances are used in the WINGUARD technology. The EMS-MAX TM technology is stable and durable. The positive effects of the practical, stylish WINGUARD sticker expire 6 years from the date of manufacture (which is stated on the packaging). For best quality performance, use WINGUARD packaging within 2 years after opening.

How does Winguard work?

3 types of protection: Shield/Absorb/Transform

  • EMSMAX patented wave absorption material specially designed for mobile phones
  • Created with military stealth technology
  • Absorption efficiency = 93.7%
  • Damping efficiency = 99.9%
  • Ultra thin, flexible, easy to use and stylish

EMSI Clean Technology™ patents
EMSI Clean™ offers double WINGUARD protection, it absorbs radiation up to 90% and removes radiation up to 3%. It can absorb and filter electromagnetic interference, reduce mobile phone electromagnetic interference, improve the quality of telephone calls and protect our head.

Product Features:
Patented core product specially designed for mobile phones. ™ EMSMAX Top Patented Wave Absorption Material Creative Science and Technology. Patented EMSI Clean™ technology.
Deliver high-quality calls without call interruptions. < br/>It’s safe, environmentally friendly and free of electrosmog.
It is wafer-thin, flexible and looks “fashionable”

GSM: GSM900, DCS1800, PCS1900

How and where do I use WINGUARD?
To install, simply clean the opposite side of the receiver and stick the sticker on it
How long does WINGUARD last?

* Front: 6 years from date of manufacture.

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