The Energy Stone


  • Generation of more than 2 500 anions per cm²
  • positive impact on the human biofield
  • Vitalizing power for the body
  • ensures well-being
  • the natural stone is black tourmaline
The energy stone is a natural stone!

The black tourmaline belongs to the group of precious stones. The natural powers of tourmaline are supported with the help of the latest technologies, so that the stone can store energy in the long term and thus have a positive effect on the human biofield or aura

The black tourmaline is a natural anion donor!

Tourmaline is known, among other things, as a natural anion donor. The Winalite energy stone generates more than 2500 anions per cm². This is comparable to the concentration of anions – negative ions – in nature in such places as mountains, forests, waterfalls, sea. Negative ions help to reduce stress and can give strength, energy and vitality.

The vitalizing power of the energy stone ensures your well-being!

While wearing the energy stone, the body’s biofield radiation can be much more intense and even. The increasing energy of the biofield or the aura can give the body vitality, harmony and well-being.

Wearing the stone can:

– increase blood flow

– relieve pain

– improve concentration and attention

He can also contribute:

– to reduce fatigue

– to stabilize the peripheral nervous system

– increase metabolism to activate cell function

The properties of the stones have been verified by independent testers.


A woman before and after wearing the energy stone for 20 days.
You can see that the aura has become much more intense and even after wearing the stone. This indicates that the vital energy of the human body has increased and energy transmission has improved.


How to get your personal lucky number

In numerology, it is believed that numbers and combinations of numbers represent a complex have meaning. Each digit has a specific vibration and corresponds to an emotional quality. Numerology is a centuries-old spiritual system. With the help of the number symbolism we can learn a lot about ourselves and the meaning of life. Many mathematicians believe that the whole cosmos can be described in numbers. Numerology opens up multi-layered possibilities for creating a detailed character image. Your lucky numbers can be determined with the help of numerology. All digits in your date of birth add up to your destiny number or life number.

A calculation example: Your date of birth: 07/12/1982 1+2+7+1+9+8+7 = 35

Check total 8Thus the number of destiny is 8

When ordering, please enter the stone number between 1 and 9.

Winalite’s energy stone is durable!

Care for your energy stone by simply leaving it in the sun for a short time. Your tourmaline stone can soak up the natural energy of the sun and stay with you for a long time. Cleaning the energy stone is also very easy – hold it briefly under running water.

The Winalite energy stone made of black tourmaline is available in nine versions as your lucky number from 1 to 9.

The Winalite energy stone comes with the Winalite company certificate of quality and a cotton fastening system.

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