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Winalite Соmраnу is a company specializing in the research and manufacture of women’s and children’s health protection products. The company has its own production capacity, a standardized factory with an area of 100,000 m2 and more than 60 innovative automatic machines for processing raw materials and manufacturing sanitary napkins. Producing over 3 billion finished products annually, the company is one of the leading manufacturers in its field – both in China and abroad.

Since its activity strictly corresponds to the standards of the International Quality Management System, Winalite Соmраnу received in 2000 the Zertifikat IS09001: the license of the International Quality Management System. Thanks to the know-how of highly qualified specialists, the company made a breakthrough in the research and use of anionic substances. Researchers were the first to use anionic materials to make sanitary napkins, earning them numerous international patents.

The anionic hygiene product series „WinIon“ is recommended as a high-tech product by the World Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine; China’s well-known center for branded goods production called this series “The most important cosmetics brand in China”. The quality of the goods and the familiarity of the brand name form the basis for the successful further development of our company.

Thanks to the active expansion of the sales market and the search for new development prospects, Winalite Соmраnу became more and more competitive, until it became one of the leading companies. Recently, the company has been actively involved in international projects for the production of complete equipment. Today the Winalite Соmраnу is present on the Southwest Asian, South American and European markets. Our foreign partners welcome the internationalization of production.
Chen Huai De

Global management team

Winalite 06 The President and Founder of the Winalite Company (which means “shining moon” in Chinese) – Mr. Chen Huai De comes from an ancient Chinese family. He holds a PhD from Hong Kong University in Management and Business. He made his first millions of dollars while still a student.

In 1989, Chen Huai De graduated and started his company. Today, the Winalite empire has 24 subsidiary companies, including a cement factory, construction and transport companies, several factories producing outerwear and hats, as well as special clothing for artists and athletes – and, of course, factories for hygiene products. Winalite is on track to be one of the world’s 500 largest companies. The media calls the company “an unstoppable storm” because it is developing so quickly and strongly. The company’s shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Mr. Chen Huai De came up with his business idea after a family tragedy. A few years ago his mother died because her gynecological problems were diagnosed too late. Chen Huan De was very upset and decided to use his experience as a person and a businessman to avoid such tragedies. He invested money into researching these problems, looking for a technology that would prevent many gynecological ailments and make health care for women easy and comfortable. This technology was found, patented and presented to the market in early 2007.

On January 29, 2007, Winalite opened a factory producing innovative prophylactic sanitary napkins. This product has a world patent; there is no alternative to this quality and this impressive set of unique characteristics on the world market. This product is called “WinIon” – love moon.

In recent years, an increased interest in the medicinal and hygienic properties of anions has been noticed all over the world. After many years of careful research, the employees of “Shen Zhen Winalite Technology” GmbH were able to produce the unique medical-prophylactic sanitary towels – for this purpose, high-tech anionizers are built into conventional sanitary towels. The Winalite Company received a national patent for this

The anion chip in the „WinIon“ Bind can up to 5800 anions generate per cubic centimeter; This effectively eliminates the causes of vaginal inflammation, such as bacteria. Most women’s diseases are caused by Anaerolinea bacteria. The use of sanitary towels “WinIon” improves immunity, metabolism and secretion, regulates blood pressure, destroys bacteria and unpleasant odors, inhibits inflammation and helps fight fatigue.

anionic pads „WinIon“ take care of female intimate hygiene and health, and are therefore irreplaceable helpers for every woman.

The network marketing method was chosen for the realization of these “WinIon” products.

For your information: Sanitary pads worth over $400 billion are sold worldwide every year.

Company’s plans for the near future

Soon we want to officially enter more and more markets of USA, Canada and South American countries. We recently opened our European agency in Germany.

Winalite 15 We are actively working on expanding our product range, including fitted diapers for babies. This will further expand the boundaries of the already huge sales market and thus increase the earnings of our authorized dealers.

In the first months after the opening of the company in Germany and other European countries, several actions will be carried out to stimulate prospective dealers, which will give their structures rapid growth.

The company plans to open over 70 offices in all major countries around the world over the next three years and achieve annual sales in excess of $21 billion.

Certificates and awards of Winalite Соmраnу

Nationalpatent: ZL200420064658.0
Patent for the test strip for self-diagnosis: CN99109875.7
Complies with ISO 9001 requirements: in 2000 it obtained the International Quality Management System license.
Innovative technologies and world achievements, crowned by a national patent!
License: “Hongkong Winalite International E-Commerce” GmbH
Producer: “Shen Zhen Winalite Technology” GmbH

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