Coffee drink with collagen

Prebiotics: help for the intestines – simply live healthier

The vitality of the gut is inextricably linked to the number of prebiotics in the gut. Prebiotics break down harmful bacteria that create toxins. Increasing the number of probiotics in the intestinal tract helps improve digestion and absorption.

Prebiotics in young children – 98%, young people – 40%, in middle-aged people – 10%, in addition, over 60 years – 5% .

In Bama Autonomous County in Guangxi (PRC), it was found that that 70 people over 100 years of age have 38% probiotics in their bodies, showing a correlation between the amount of probiotics and life expectancy.

The benefits of the prebiotic coffee drink “Refresh” contributes to:

  • improve metabolism
  • Regulate lipids
  • lower cholesterol
  • to help with hypertension, to counteract arteriosclerosis and other diseases
  • Contributes to the absorption of vitamins in the body
  • increase immunity and defences
  • improve the absorption of calcium, copper, and iron
  • Prevent osteoporosis
  • to protect against tooth decay
  • exercise a prophylactic effect on toxins
  • which can cause skin and venereal diseases
  • improve the complexion and thus slow down skin aging
  • fight against harmful microorganisms in the mouth and throat

The composition: :an ideal balanced blend of Arabica and Robusta grains, enriched with fructose and fructose, the addition of first-class , aromatic and rich plums round off the full taste.

Short-chain (oligomeric) fructose (FOS) – the most important component of the prebiotic. This sweetening substance is a new form of sugar substitute in the post-antibiotic era, also known as the most promising additive of the new generation. It is recognized in all states as a safe ingredient for use in the manufacture of breast milk substitutes.

As a self-replicating probiotic nutrient, it is able to restrain the secretion of toxins by harmful bacteria. It also regulates the microflora of the intestinal tract, cleanses and invigorates the body, regulates bowel movements, fights harmful substances and improves the absorption and utilization of calcium and iron.

This special fructose has a smooth and refreshing aftertaste. It also gives you the full-bodied taste of coffee and at the same time supports the daily needs of the intestinal tract to maintain your health.

Coffee drink “Vital” with collagen

Benefits of this coffee drink:

  • may slow down the aging of skin and bone tissue
  • pure natural product
  • The size of the collagen micromolecules of 2000 daltons is closer to the molecular structure of a human being, therefore easier to digest and more effective
  • natural product without sugar, colorings, flavorings.

Vital properties:

  • Made from the highest quality products: Alaskan cod isinglass collagen, contains 19 essential amino acids
  • the optimal balance of price and quality: each pack contains 2000 mg of collagen (2/3 of the daily norm)
  • contains no sugar, hormones, flavors, pectins
  • pure and aromatic product: the aroma of premium coffee beans, the taste and aroma of fructose

Resulting in a lack of collagen:

  • Destruction of the epidermis, appearance of wrinkles, decreased skin tone, sagging skin
  • the skin becomes oily, the pores expand because the skin’s elasticity cannot be restored
  • The amount of free radicals and melanin in the skin increases
Our coffee drink can compensate for the lack of collagen.

Collagen makes the skin elastic, supple and the skin appears firmer. Its spiral structure retains a high percentage of water in the skin, giving it shine and elasticity and moisturizing it. Collagen is also the main component of connective tissue.

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