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Winalite is a company that has inherited and carefully preserved the ancient knowledge of the Chinese about the regulation of magnetic meridians in the human body. She combined with this knowledge the latest research findings on biomagnetic waves, far infrared radiation and anions. Using the latest in biomagnet science, Winalite has developed innovative healthcare products with a truly innovative approach.
< strong>Biological wave is the spectrum of fluctuations of the biological field of a living organism. The length of the biological wave emitted by a person is from 3 to 45 microns. This wavelength corresponds to the long-wavelength infrared radiation spectrum. Our body can not only emit, but also intensively absorb infrared rays of this spectrum. In addition, the main spectrum of this radiation can be reflected back by special biowave materials. This reflection creates the effect of recycling, or reuse of bioenergy by the body.

Biowave regulatory wellness system

The Biowaves series health care system is designed to stimulate the “natural life force” in the human body, which is the key to a safe, fulfilling and healthy life.

Biowave Wellness System product feature:

  • relieves physical and psychological stress, restores natural balance.
  • reduces muscle pain, fatigue, tension and discomfort.
  • improves blood circulation, restores natural energy balance.
  • stimulate peripheral circulation.
  • increases oxygen content in the human body to maintain health and vitality.
  • restore the body’s natural balance.
  • reduce the impact of neurosis and depression and other unpleasant symptoms.
  • regulate and balance the biocurrent in the body.
  • increase oxygen content in cells.
  • have a slight tonic effect.
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The products of the Biowave Regulatory Wellness System series use such species in an integrated manner deep therapy like:

  • magnetotherapy (magnetic field lines): a method based on the effect of magnetic fields on the human body for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes;
  • thermotherapy (far infrared radiation);
  • oxygen therapy (biooxytherapy);
  • anionic therapy: anions (negative air ions or “air vitamins”) have a beneficial effect on the human body: they facilitate breathing, improve mood, performance, have a positive therapeutic effect in a number of diseases (bronchial asthma, frequent colds, neurasthenia , asthenic condition, etc.);
  • bioactivator therapy: bioactivators are substances with biowave components, this is a patented formula that includes a combination of inorganic oxide compounds obtained by using modern nanotechnology;
  • acupuncture and massage effects: biowaves are able to penetrate the skin to a depth of 2 mm. According to Chinese medicine, it is at this level that the energy meridians of the human body are located, including 365 acupuncture points. In addition to stimulating acupuncture points, biowaves contribute to the redistribution and balancing of bioenergy along the meridians. The effect of biowaves also lies in a light massage of the skin, which improves the functioning of body cells.

All this ensures the optimal healing effect of the product on the entire human body as a whole, completely protecting it. Designed with human ergonomics in mind, the product is fully breathable, does not feel suffocating, feels comfortable to wear, has a stylish look, supports the back (neck), is securely fixed, has excellent support and elasticity, does not cause secondary injuries to the lower back (neck) , with long-term use promotes weight loss.

Products of the Biowaves series are intended for such groups of the population as people with occupational diseases and minor injuries in the lumbar region (neck, eyes), who need long-term treatment and subsequent prevention, undergoing rehabilitation.

Biowaves are for mild handwash only and at a water temperature of not more than 30 degrees, it is not recommended to wash the product in a washing machine, you can not squeeze the product, dry it only in a vertically suspended position immediately after washing. It is this method that will not affect the effectiveness of the product. It is also not recommended to use washing powder, bleach and soap when washing. It is recommended to rinse the product thoroughly with clean water so that no traces of dirt remain, as this may affect the operation of the product.

Biowave regulatory health system
Biowave Goggles
Biowave Healing Collar

Biowave glasses and a biowave medical collar have a healing, regulating effect on the brain area due to the effect on acupuncture points in eye and neck area.

Biowave Goggles have an effect on acupuncture points in the eye area (sibaixue, sizhukong, jingming, quanzhu). Thanks to this, the eyes are less tired, vision loss and the appearance of fine wrinkles are prevented.

Biowave Healing Collar acts on acupuncture points in the cervical region (fengchi, tianzhu), which relieves fatigue and tension, improves overall well-being

Biowave glasses and treatment collar product sizes are universal.

Biowave product case includes: goggles + treatment collar (2 collars and 2 pairs included) points).

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