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Sanitary napkins “WinIon”


WINALITE has quickly become one of the leading hygiene article manufacturers worldwide. Winalite products are unique and there are currently no comparable products. The uniqueness of the products lies in the use of natural ingredients (pure cotton).

Sanitary napkins

The sanitary napkin is a hygiene product that women mostly use during menstruation to collect menstrual blood and neutralize odors. Even with incontinence, the sanitary napkin ensures a hygienic and, above all, safe feeling in everyday life.

Conventional sanitary pads do not always meet

The demands of women to feel good all around during this time.

“WinIon” – Natural product of the latest generation


“WinIon” is unique, not only in terms of comfort, but it is also a means of preventing many women’s diseases. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, “WinIon” takes care of women all over the world.

During menstruation, the sensitive mucous membrane in the intimate area is exposed to constant irritation, and the risk of various diseases of the reproductive system increases enormously. During this time, proper care and protection of the genitals is particularly important for women. Choosing the right sanitary napkin not only has health effects, but also contributes to female self-confidence.

Anion binding WinIon now has protective sides



  1. A very absorbent layer made of extra-fine and extremely delicate cotton for maximum comfort absorbs liquid particularly quickly.
  2. The worldwide patented anion insert releases anions, reduces bacteria and reduces the formation of unpleasant odours.
  3. A layer of extra soft cotton for a feeling of freshness and softness.
  4. Absorbent plant polymer wrapped in ecologically pure and sterile paper. It binds and encloses the liquid securely.
  5. A layer of extra soft cotton that creates a feeling of freshness and softness.
  6. A thermo-stabilizing layer. It is air-permeable and liquid-resistant and provides maximum comfort.
  7. 7. Fixing strip made of food-safe glue, which optimally adapts to the anatomy of the body.


Anions are negatively charged ions. They attract positively charged ions, e.g. dirt particles, and reduce bacteria. Anions are often called “air vitamins” and “air purifiers” and are therefore important for human health.

“WinIon”sanitary pads are sold in sets

Mixed case.

Day pads: 10 packs of 8 each
night napkins: 4 packs of 8 each
Slip-Einlagen: 5 packs of 24 pieces each

19 packets = 232 pieces

WinIon Paint

Pantiliner – Mono Set.

16 packs Panty liners

24 pieces each – 384 pieces

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