Vegan nutrient powder

The complex composition of the powder can contribute to a full and balanced diet.

Beierli-1 The composition of the coordinated powder contains the variety and richness of many fresh herbs and fruits. In addition, vegetables, cereals, mushrooms, algae and other aquatic plants are components of the powder.

All plant nutrients are processed gently using vacuum freezing technology, are not heated at any stage of processing and can therefore be assigned to raw food. This benefits a healthy and balanced diet. The ingredients are fully processed in the human body and thus support health and beauty in a natural way.

Contains the well-known nutrients and dietary fibers such as vitamins, ferments and plant fibers. The product also contains important components of plants, such as B. Plant shoots, seeds, chlorophyll and enzymes. These are usually less considered, but they play an important role in the nutrition and metabolism of plants. They actively participate in improving metabolism and absorption of vitamins and minerals, and are a source of vitality and vitality.

It also contains unique nutrients such as lycopene, green tea polyphenols and anthocyanins.

The peculiarities of the composition of the powder can serve the organism as balanced and full-fledged nutrition.


  • Contributes to purification and detoxification of the body
    The product contains a lot of dietary fiber and has absorbing abilities that cleanse the body from the inside. The human body can not only be freed from toxic substances and toxins, but also heavy metals and waste products can be transported away and the cholesterol in the blood can be lowered.
  • Helps to strengthen the immune system and increase the body’s natural protective function
    Consumption of the powder favors the increase and activation of the body’s immune cells, the improvement of energy metabolism and the stimulation of cell regeneration and the body’s natural protective function. It is an excellent product for prevention of various diseases and support of body regeneration processes.
  • The multi-nutrient vegan powder can help promote weight loss and maintain beauty. It is an ideal and low-calorie product to promote weight loss because it contains digestive enzymes, vitamins and fiber that contribute to the breakdown of fat and the feeling of hunger reduce.
  • Can increase concentration and attention
    The nutritious Powder contributes to the improvement of cerebral blood circulation and oxygen supply and increases the metabolism of the brain. This plays a big part in improving concentration and alertness.
  • May strengthen liver function
    The Vegan Multi- Nutrient powder improves metabolism and contributes to the renewal of liver cells. In addition, the raw food contains no toxins or other additives that could stress the liver.
  • Vegan multi-nutrient powder


Consists of: Food supplement made from cereals (60%), beans (6%) and vegetables (16%) with sweetener, ready to drink.

The various grains and beans are gently ground, extruded and pre-cooked. The individual vegetables, fruits and shiitake are freeze-dried and ground. : The product is designed to:

Improve immunity

To improve attention

Strengthen liver function

Improving the vitality of the skin

Enhance the body’s natural healing powers

Vegan multi-nutrient powder

SOY, Corn, Brown Rice, Red Beans, Squash, Job’s Tears, Shiitake, Sorghum, BARLEY, Papaya, Onion, Carrot, Sweetener Xylitol, Black Rice, Salt.

Net filling quantity:
1,200 g /30 bags of 40 g each * 1 box/case

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